Credit Crunches

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The mortgage meltdown and resulting credit crunch that have rocked the housing market nationwide are reaching their tentacles into commercial real estate. In metro Denver, several office transactions have fallen through because of the.

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Call it a squeeze, a crunch or a knot – the credit crisis has hit New York big-time. All kinds of borrowers, from families looking for their first homes to major corporations, are finding it hard to scare up cash. "The credit crunch is not just.

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The bailouts may be winding down for the financial services industry, but the regulatory buildup is just beginning. New measures signed into law this week on credit card companies and mortgage lenders signal the postelection shift in.

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For many financial services professionals the 2008 credit crisis was about as amusing as the Hundred Years’ War. So it was refreshing to read “The Credit Crunch Diaries” – a humorous account just released by David Lascelles and Nick.

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Meanwhile, out in the nonpolitical world (although everything is political these days), the new Federal Reserve senior loan officer survey shows an incredible credit crunch in progress — worse than the crunches following the S&L crisis,

America’s consumer-driven economy is about to swallow some bitter medicine — stricter limits on credit cards. Credit card issuers are cutting credit lines, raising interest rates and reducing the number of new-card offers as they adopt.

Another bank took an ax to its asset valuations Friday, as the parade of markdowns induced by the recent credit crunch continued. The latest ten-digit chop came from Wachovia Bank, which said it wrote down loans and other securities by.

The Federal Reserve is out with its Flow of Funds data today, for the first quarter of the year. The data is a little old, of course, but there are still some interesting trends. And the National Association of Realtors is out with new mortgage.

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The Shibor spike continues, this time with the Wall Street Journal: The Chinese interbank funding market has seen rates soar since early this month amid slowing foreign-capital inflows and banks’ needs to fulfill investor obligations, among.

BEIJING — Like a boxer slimming down for a fight, Li Zhongjian is shrinking his 20-year-old business manufacturing cigarette lighters to brace for a credit crunch he sees looming over China’s entrepreneurs. Li’s workforce in the.

It’s pretty simple really. The Federal Reserve Bank creates and destroys money. It has had that power since it was created in 1913. The trick is getting the supply of money right – not too much, not too little. But the Fed didn’t get it right.

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THERE will be no respite from the continuing credit crunch, with serious threats posed to the global financial system as liquidity dries up, research has warned. A report by credit market analysts at Morgan Stanley gives short shrift to.

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SAO PAULO (Reuters) – Brazil’s worst credit crunch in two decades is forcing the nation’s debt-laden grain producers, sugar mills and coffee farmers to curb investment, making one of the world’s top farm exporters miss out on a recovery.

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As any smart investor will tell you, what looks like bad news is often good news in disguise. And that certainly seemed to be the case in March when investment bank Bear Stearns became the highest-profile victim of the credit crisis.

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With a collapsing housing sector and falling exports, China now faces a brutal credit crunch. Since the Lehman Brothers bankruptcy in 2008, China’s state-sponsored export economy has significantly lost competitiveness. As exports fell.